Gwili Railway

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    The Gwili Railway, is a standard gauge steam railway located in the village of Bronwydd, 3 miles north of Carmarthen. Named after the River Gwili, alongside which it runs for 2½ miles between Bronwydd Arms and Danycoed it passes through picturesque farmland and steeply wooded hillsides.



    Having arrived at Bronwydd Arms Station and purchased your ticket from the Booking Office situated on the platform, you can then join the train for your trip to Danycoed Halt.  A round trip will take approximately one hour, but you can travel on the train all day if you wish for the price of your ticket.  A steep climb out of Bronwydd village, takes you through the open fields and wooded hills, hugging the River Gwili all the while. You are never far from water on this line! Keep an eye out for the herons, which frequent this valley, dipping for fish in the river.

    Gwilli Railway

    Bronwydd Arms Station, Carmarthen SA33 6HT